AUDIO: One Old Lady's Dream Come True

Thursday, August 3rd

Jeff tells a story about one old lady's dream coming true! 


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Last hour we got talking today about motorcycles. You are going to love this story. 103. Year old lady in Minnesota. Always wanted to go for a motorcycle ride home make Irish now that I'm never bet on a motorcycle I love there's already she happened in the mentioning that to her dentist who is a big biker. So he told her he was gonna spend by and his motorcycle and take her for a ride I -- my guy should be put her in this giant helmet a big oversized jacket. And then they ripped out front sheet they did this in front of her nursing homes all her friends could snarl up by a they took the first corner she fell hole off now we know you didn't know when I got the motor side. He didn't I you joked she'd notion got to hang on stopping it ha ha I. Guess maybe I'm jump not think yeah. Pop pop pop. Pop but I was under earned. But he did put her in a big helmet and a if a big oversize leather jacket they did he did pick or confront owners held on to issuing held on they drove about fifteen miles and many had depended backed. And she is thrilled she got off when she was all smiles and her blue hair was all matted down a but that's a really cool story is something she always wanted to do and now it has happened.