AUDIO: Nervous Anticipation

Wednesday, April 11th

What's the last thing that made your heart pound during the moments leading to it? 


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Hearing fascinating stories sometimes. The lead up to something is scarier or more nerve racking then when you actually do it and in the case of Jason stays them it was swimming with sharks for a movie he's filming once he was in the water set I was fine but standing there on the boat his heart pounding looking into the water on the sharks swimming around. I've had girlfriends say let's jump out of an airplane and I say let's not. Of some in Texas seven to 81 and said the airplane ride going up thirteen thousand feet tall again. You don't jump out of your first time skydiving. You know how you do those tandem jumps yeah. I know why they put the novice in front because if I was in the back at probably choked a person to death. It beat me and elect. Body crashing into the ground I have a problem with heights. Literally that in my early twenty's I was that'd be cool to do and now I'm like I have so far. I don't actually. Need a baby up up up up all right. And stories here thanks for holding what made your heart race and nervous anticipation. I can't get thin but I have to say when I was walking down the aisles. I got noxious. Noxious or was it all the attention of everyone looking at funeral or the commitment. Once they got on the altar I was fine but I guess maybe that can I don't know detention. I don't know but I think that was assigned to stuff. But how long did it last. Well I'm gone I'm 28 I don't know if I'll make it to 28. No match on home. I mean 28 is a long run. He added but. I really was not suffice it kept on my brother talked to me talk them. Well it sounds like you're starting to feel nauseous again yeah let's talk about and I raced all right thanks for calling.