AUDIO: Naughty Dreams About Celebs

Tuesday, August 28th

Amanda admitted to having a weird dream about a celebrity. 

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So we were talking about when you have a naughty dream about somebody a famous person and you wake up you go oh my gosh. Why why Amanda was dreaming last night and a bad way. About Jersey Shore cast member DJ Pauly. You know the one with like five pound the hair product in his hair. About the Sadie deride your. Earth through that go through it can't then you've got another text in. Yeah from someone who says they had a naughty dream about you so I said more details plea this. Why in over there and Nikki this is a serious show it's only like to know what went down and I think we all would. You run a tropical island whole night just after making love on top of your Ferrari. All of this keeps getting better I'm in Hawaii and I don't know Ferrari it's a whole Y and Ferrari. Any other details no deal has suggests we only did it attracts a lot I'm not sure that we can get those details where there with her palm trees and coconuts is more than once typical than probably right if you're inspired go for a while I don't like I was like what I've heard so far at this point I would be happy to go home tonight just dream about Hawaii. Really up for the Ferrari. Yeah that would just know as we complete it all all come to think of it this is probably a very bad time to be dreaming about Hawaii unless you're in the flooding. You now but you know what she said tropical she didn't say Hawaii are only you know I don't even know that she to be honest with you saw. Right well it's totally trashing my. Now I don't know it's one can do what you just show up and all my dreams and listen right now we can't even have pleasant thoughts here for a man I want to make assumption use this saying I don't know why her parents and every parent that is why we can't have nice things. A lot lately actually I did ten I don't think you don't read a.