AUDIO: Nail Salon Brawl

Wednesday, August 8th

Should you pay for a service you're not happy with? A brawl broke out at a nail salon over this. 

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At the happy read out all males in Brooklyn the other day happy right apple males there ya go doesn't sound like a fun place sounds like. This apparently it's not as much fun as you would think because they've arrested two people including an employee hung he's saying she allegedly attacked Christina Thomas here is what happened according to police. Christina Thomas got three different procedures done one or whatever says. Of the summer is okay how offers a features sounds very medical thought well I'd be out about what about a better place to go because Christina said you screwed up my eyebrows. Not that happy endings and I'm not paying UV. Five dollar well I mean you know you really have to be careful who you trust your eyebrows grant to fund these gang didn't like being denied those extra five bucks asked associates a homer girls then went wild on Christina. In my email. My guns. You know. Know your brain relax you and your Peter Jennings Bryant in the pedicure it's scary how about the size thing about laying your feeling all kinds of good and then all of a sudden a brawl breaks out over a five dollar bad wax. If you're gonna behave like animals over five dollars I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the show but if you're not happy with the service should you have to pay for it.