AUDIO: Mom & Kids Shovel for Cash!

Thursday, March 16th

A local mom took her kids around to shovel after the blizzard to make some money! 


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We're talking about how some people actually get ambitious and they see the snowstorm thrown at us and in their mind they're thinking. OK well let's make money so I got Abby on the line and you live and done more right yet cracked all right so you and who else went out yesterday and today. My friend and I'll grab if so how much did you and your friend makes now altogether we need. Each 18. Thou. Wow now 200 right. Okay there's some discussion amongst how much each of you make your friend says mark. You aren't cheating. The mother and and could protect the mother is speaking now I don't know are out there what are you take yeah I. Not taking any thought I got an idea around and pitino and copy from what I all I know I. Father Mike yes I saw his FaceBook post I thought that was brilliant and I RE posted it on the KRZ's site basically he was encouraging people to go wanna make money shoveling. Oh god I'm like is becoming a legend so what would you do while the girls were shoveling. Well I don't somehow uphill. Allentown but you know I would just hit the car warms. You now. I don't know work girls don't want to make sure the car doesn't cooled down. And. They needed birdie there anything right back. I now have gone for a copy I'll be back in a couple of hours girls. Yeah. That's yeah awesome Wallace and I'm glad you know people like you that's a good lesson for kids don't learn and and who doesn't need more money right below.