AUDIO: Man on Meth

Monday, April 23rd

A guy thought there was something in his ear ... 


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Did you ever get that sensation in your ear were you felt like maybe a bug crawling jazz feel like something's moving around as I know it's usually TB GB's. Saw the first on Wednesday a guy in Florida was convinced there was something moving around in his year loan. Not so he went to a place that does ultra sounds pulled out and gone let's. And demanded that they inspect his ear because he said there's something moving around what was the need for the gun. Can't we have a conversation well of course I know I know where rational. And they call the cops and they arrested him well over the air nothing it turns out he was on massive. Oh isn't that drug that people always think that there's things not wall you know still it was a bath salt that's also bath songs. You can do many things like wow imagine feeling like something was senior. He thought it was an easier. So now he's in jail one good thing hitting go digging around for it himself I know he's gonna feel something moving around in his theory again but it's going to be a cell mates tongue. Yeah. I think Carl. That doesn't want you to a golf pig I. Off a product of our environment that wouldn't even fit for your information I was I knew we I don't know this is the only. Only god I do a gentle PG joke. Auto race at bright purple black. Good luck. You live in the diner and you brought us here with the Null and you know drug us to the gutter know you followed me didn't you knew pulled a sandal might actually giggling in the. Why am. Not.