AUDIO: Lula Leggings

Friday, August 11th

Amanda resisted for a long time, but is now obsessed with Lularoe leggings. 


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So let's talk about little more roll. You're used to dread and you saw people having these parties here's annually become downright disgusted when you try to get you know a come to a party or to sell little Lauro like okay a so my mother in law was of sex with these leggings and she'd filed these crazy friends and I'm like now that's not for me. And everyone would talk about how they were buttery soft and so smooth and so comfortable. And they go on and on about Eminem like they're lighting has come on get over. Wall then a listener Caitlin thank you Caitlin dropped off a pair for me to try here at the station and these things are. On knees saying that they are as amazing as everyone says they are. They are soft they are comfortable it is like smearing butter all over your legs it's true don't like a crack addict I mean now so here's the thing only I really need a black pair will. Certainly the way a little girl works says. You've got hunt down things because you can't just order a pair you have to attend a party and find them well listener and jet are hunted me down a black eye. Are you know all important people. I just and so now I'm so excited because he helped. The part let me ask you an intimate questions. OK do you aware. Panties. I'm. He fell Diaz. Yeah because you don't want any camel tells. No because I Wear underwear daily but they're not really designed to be worn with Omar they. Because then you see them I think it's personal preference. We'll know here is the age old debate now know you don't see them if you Wear an appropriate topped with your leg so your saying people Wear a little lower raw but don't Wear a topic covers I know that area is not to rust proper. Personally. As part athletic leggings I'll go ahead dig yourself out personally I feel the shirt should cover the behind. And the and the front. There and that is the only west jobs song we never actually played in its entirety television Campbell.