AUDIO: Lawn Chair Convention

Thursday, August 30th

Jeff talks about this weekend's lawn chair convention! 

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I was having dinner in downtown Scranton Monday night they already have all the tents up for that fast as tally yeah. I know the whole downtown is ready to go and then of course the highlight of that weekend in downtown Scranton during the Italian festival is about 6 PM on Sunday where they have what I call the lawn chair convention. This is where everybody over say 65 or seventy congregate it's right alarming tariff trade a prime used to be Lugar is they get there early and then their monetary down in my house air spot they stake out their four feet of street yeah and they put the lawn chair dock and then they always have some band that plays like 50s60s. Music there's a little need tapping happening DS. Actually those have sent me those arthritic knees are bouncing up and down as best they can't the first time I won a couple of years ago I was actually trying to count how many lawn chairs where there it and bring one I know I I didn't know that was a requirement and I think I got to a 180 or something like that. It's amazing. Unlike a crowd at a concert the lawn chair is nice and orderly and nice rows and all this very nice if you're off that crowd you know otherwise you go what the hell are only launch earth cluttering up the downtown for. So nobody brings a blanket and sits on the ground now because they wouldn't be able to get back up again hey I can sympathize with that you couldn't even get down on the ground right now nevermind get back up yet getting back up this not fun you can't drop it low right now. I dropped it low over the weekend they slotted to take a photo and I was holding my friend's baby and ever laced up. And then I was like to see you got to take these kids I can't get back up while holding them I forgot about I got your say you didn't end in tennis on a lot of huge shots dead. I didn't and I was like oh now I just realized I did get the couple. You don't get.