AUDIO: Kielbasa

Friday, August 11th

Jeff + Amanda talk kielbasa ... yet another food Jeff's never tried before. 


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It until Bob Seger kill box up fast I am about the worst person to ask for this I feel like people use that interchangeably. Well you know for a fact there are many foods I've never tried then to me kill boss until bossy. Looks disgusting. I never departed in my mouth. Do you like sausage. Like those little breakfast sausages you get a Bob Evans or Perkins I don't know if anything like that I'm just asking all I like the little breakfast sausage but kill bossy. Big and it's red and I was you don't like the thickness I don't like the thickness looks phallic. I don't like anything about it and been solved. So you never having fun now. Don't hate you so I just hunt down until my son trying to get these boots off my list that I've never happy only so. Even if I don't bison which insurer I don't even know where defiant but I'll find some. Is it RD Cox and I do I need to I don't know never quite looks caught how to write for like how I prepare. We went to the festival's start let's see if begins Friday implement this peace may be could swing by is getting had to go to plummet. If you know how good place I want Goetschl bossy right around a round Pittston because that's where we're located and by doing need to boil it first oh god I. Where does that come clocked I don't know I'm really unfamiliar with me in case things like Pam comes cooked already some him. I'm not sure don't all ham comes cause I don't know about that planet clearly content. I don't know I just heard about he believing. Yeah I've heard of I'll think I'll vote getting and if there's cannons or I think he'll call. Lots and ball tour met my husband I kept sweaters and shoes in my oven that's great I needed storage.