AUDIO: Jeff's Hand Injury

Tuesday, July 17th

Jeff has a gruesome hand injury! 

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So why am on day number 1234. Without being able to use my left hand and I think it stopped the bleeding at least third abandon this did if you didn't hear on Sunday I got my middle finger work in my left hand caught in hedge tremors and it didn't just slice it. And now it's basically cut the top half of my finger into rivers and apparently like they couldn't stitch it right it wasn't one slice it was like. Eight slices in all different directions so they had to glue they actually have it's not like crazy glue like you might have a home it looks like it and they cool your finger to each other and then they harassment and I have to change it twice today it is and late last night I woke up in the middle of the night the TV was still on and I don't even know what movie it was but it was one of those action hero movies like you know like. The rock would be an at where two guys are fighting and one guy is already stabbed in his arm. I'm not and a guy breaks a brick over his head and they ran the LA and they follow lost this. Flight of stairs knocked down the stairs they go right over the edge and crashed two stories below and then get right back up they get right out and start fighting again and I'm thinking I cut my finger and I can even but not Mike shark. I stuck my tell it at the end of my day if you add these people are fighting and continuing to fight all what's a bullet won't hear they are fun. I know yeah so I have a knife stuck in my back I can continue fighting you know I think about movies for someone gets shot all the time Lincoln how do they walk. Is that is it realistic to be able to walk after being shot in the leg multiple I don't know.