AUDIO: Jeff's First R Rated Movie

Monday, July 9th

Jeff recalls how awkward his dad felt while watching Jeff's first R rated movie. 

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So the actor Paul John I'm sorry Paul Rudd who's been in many movies. He was telling a funny story the other day about he doesn't always make the wise this choice in movies when he sits down watched one with his young children. When my son was about four I think all you've got to see the jerk says you are. We're excited we're watching the other he's laughing and then you get some scenes and oh this really rated. And then when he's got seven or eight I didn't think about it as an oh you don't really funny is step Brothers saw. And then we watch that and then we showed it to my daughter and then against the scene would. Will Ferrell in the drums set now Mike yeah this minute and a half. When I heard him talk about that I could not help but remember a movie my father took. My sister is my brother and myself too it was a little. A little home local theater a hometown local theater in Beverly Massachusetts. Quiet little place and they would always play a movie a preview type movie. And then there would be an intermission and then let the movie you're expected to see. So I guess she got up part of bang for your buck here's the problem he took us the seed Poseidon Adventure which was rated G-8. You know we have likened. Eight year old there Montana twelve and fourteen year old so I had to be a G rated movie they screwed up and the first movie they put on the real. Was. And one scene in this movie a woman rides into the scene totally naked I mean totally naked. On a horse. I'm like twelve maybe fourteen at the most I was riveted to that screen. Meanwhile my father is jumping up and down in the theater. Yelling at all of us to get out of their right now and I didn't wanna leave. I had such a death grip on that wouldn't armor asked Andy finally yanked my other arm I think I took the armrest right off and carried it into the lobby. I will never forget that.