AUDIO: Jeff's Dinner Guest

Tuesday, August 8th

Jeff grabbed a bite to eat at a chinese buffet and tells a hilarious story!


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So yesterday I'm driving around doing errands. Really really hungry I needed to eat something sol I pulled into the super kings. Asian buffet and wilkes-barre. Super king has not just a regular King's Cross say nap I goal I go I'll I'll I go for the super kings a thank ourself. Middle of the afternoon it wasn't very crowded. Scattered person here and scatter person there I go off by get you know some different delicacies. And I sit down and I'm beating on a Sunday night I can send somebody right next ate him up and this sweet little old lady had to be about 75 I would guess she worked there. No notion was that person coming to eat she sits down on my people all I'm sitting in a sea of empty taste. Didn't want you to eat alone. Well she sits down and then I'm looking Obama thank you. Next you're Russert knew well first across from me and then she got off. Took her plight and sat down right next to me all. I am living this I wish it was me. I didn't know. Quite what to say I started pulling my knife and fork a little closer to might play to give her room did she want to come. Well hold on here own unconscious and then I figured nobody is saying anything. I'm like we're sitting in a car loan right next week just like Lawrence. She didn't say hi no power the NBA is only about fifteen seconds it felt like an eternity. Seek. So I turned to her because I feel like something needs to be said at this point yeah. And she looks at me and our eyes blog open wide as she goes. And then I three tables dollar and I see a guy upon my age going much. Our at our table. And. An older woman she was Friday because content that chair in a hurry up a that was not grant the main thing and he thought he was like sorry dude you know whatever bodies just kept yelling mother and I don't like going. Not not now she's mine now sorry and I. I chose my table should've went over there and sat with them oh yes. All right so. Oh my god why these things happen to me.