AUDIO: Jeff's Careless Mistake

Wednesday, January 10th

You'll never believe what Jeff did at Wegmans the other day... 


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And I was going to wegmans I love wegmans. Paul under the parking lot and I'm lost in thought I love those little mini shopping carts because I'm always shopping for Juan and I get all the things I normally buy it but I'm still immersed in thought then and then I'm willing out to about to leave the store and I'm reaching it's one of those really cold nights hemorrhaging and in my pocket to get my cheese there's that I can hit the car starter and not only will Karr be a little bit warmer the headlights c'mon admit it tells you exactly where to share summary GM got off OK it's in this pocket. No home and I reach in both coat pockets. And you know the same feeling you get when you don't know where your cellphone. As you start patting yourself down exactly crave Philly I was frisking myself like I'm about to be apprehend them both for some thank you start sweating a little and I'm thinking oh my god. God did I put them Donna in the store and I'm thinking where did I know exactly in the store but then I went running back to the cash register and I said to the two young guys there right there were talking to each other said oh my god did you see keys here anywhere I'm almost getting frantic. What it and they said no when they start looking and I have everybody looking I'm going I don't have them I don't know where my keys are. And it's so he thought to kind of just wanna get home is owning a home it's Syria. Of the far Erin cook up the food I just thought and I thought. Maybe could I have and left them in the car that would be stupid right right but now I'm I'm getting panicky so. Ice head right out into the parking lot with my little mini shopping cart there yeah. Now I don't even see my car. So things are going from bad to worse I'm thinking. Here are remember Larry parks and no. I'm going up and down one row and up and down another zero freezing cold in the freezing cold with my little mini shopping carts. Send. I see one car it's not worry thought I had blocked it. And I'm thinking. My god. Did I leave my headlights on is that my car. I'm not only left the headlights on I lost the car running I was in their 45 minutes. You drove to wegmans parked car. In the car and then he just. And that I actually did turn off the card didn't know off the headlights didn't put the keys in your pocket anybody could have jumped and driven away and.