AUDIO: Jeff Shames Telemarketer

Tuesday, August 28th

Did Jeff SHAME this telemarketer?! 

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Amanda will attest to this we both have our cell phones and you're. We don't generally answer them during the show but today has been like telemarketer day. My phone keeps blowing up from all around the country I don't even bother answering numbers I don't know you're so funny the second in here tiebreak you look over and you got no no. Put a dot. But last week I forgot to tell you this I was in our production room it's where we record commercials on things and it was maybe quarter of two so we weren't on the air yet and I hate how they do this now they can call from a 570 number oh yeah and ask not play here. Is this doctors this let me chat. Or it's you think it's somebody I know gas so I picked it up even though I was incredibly busy I kept staring out the clock thinking oh my god I'm gonna have everything ready and just like when no spare time laughter. And I've taken off. And the guy says hi I'm calling for a wonderful cause and I know you would want to fight. Stop right there. I said how did you get this number this is a very wonderful cause you can't believe the joy I should stop. Stop right now I'm at a work your shouting at him I'm shouting out. He said but you really need to hear this cause I said how did you get my number came close Daly continues again I said. How did you get my number I met just up and I swear to god as he hung up I think he was crying. I I think I shamed a telemarketer I mean he was just doing his job. I understand now triple wire EU and entertaining and shouting back why not just hang up and block the number like I do. All so you think it's not rude to hang up in someone's right now shoot don't because that's when they put the must have a so I'll seal later worked collect I never finish a sentence well. Out Mindanao. You are someone who lakes to. Repeat the wrap up multiple times once I only need a one time wrapped up and then I say OK yeah. I can and the momentum of my thumb is already hitting their bread bye and when I hear you continuing to wrap up again true story one time I called her I needed her to call 91 why I'm. But I didn't get the third one hour episode she never called and they never came true story what is. Up up up up up up. Should I just want people to think that you actually did that.