Thursday, November 16th

Jeff and Amanda reminisce about the one and only time they were invited on WVIA. 


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Tell me if you think this guy is a little muddy or does he have a valid point he's a dad is in you top this kids go to the high school. He has started an online petition. To help the mascot for the football team changed. Okay the mascot is the Phoenix. Well his complaint is where everybody is in the crowd cheering. Phoenix and they're yelling Phoenix yeah he said it sounds like they're yelling penis. He now oh. I wore when they're yelling. Phoenix Fina says floral Phoenix says who's saying Fina I don't know why young. Seen a five feet nine I kinda get as I can hear it now and I guess I can't ask a little deflating actually think Phoenix is a really cool dry mascot because it's a bird that keeps getting rebirth every hour reborn again so it's a cool mascot. He's getting support he has 3000 people now 3000 signature closed it is it reminded me of the time you and I were on WVI. They invited us Sarah celebrity auctions. We had to be on camera for like two hours writing off. Auction items. And we're seeing them for the very first time as we are reading them absolutely. And we were talking about a resort and they said they only entertainment nightly entertainment including a piano lesson. But you said I while I had a DNA test and it is not enlightening keynotes. I didn't even hear that is beyond the end and I got laughing. Hey you got laughing that was the end of that we couldn't even continue and can anyone guess what happened after that we've never invited back again you know we're not joking we have never bend and glided back because it's harder penis they didn't find it nearly as assets. Did OK because we left out the fact that after I said it Jaffa lost his mind the last thing. Acquitted he and how I can't stop happening either so we both couldn't control ourselves enough to carry on with the next item like we're into the next item and Marisa Brinks. Who's ever talked to the other half I thought you cannot stop at that point bright and you're on live TV. Would there are gonna get when they invited us now well they learned their lesson that night.