AUDIO: Holiday Tipping

Friday, December 8th

Do you work a job that doesn't typically get tipped, but during the holidays feel you should?


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So Amanda Knight talking the other day about you know what Christmas you're more likely to tip people. Many people have jobs where they show up your home or they provide some type of service to you where normally you wouldn't tipped them. But we thought maybe maybe if you pardon the pun tip us off will think of you and give you were tipped in light of the holiday season. Under some text messages at seven to 81 and now. If you go to was salon or nail salon or spot regularly. You should bring like the whole front desk a tray of cookies are chocolate or something I'll posse that would not have occurred to me no me neither my hair stylist I get her gift every year but I wouldn't I just wouldn't think of bringing the front desk stuff. Also post office in ploy used. Boys do you mean you don't mean the mailman right so I did read that the mail and dubbed the. Postal carriers have their call now until the male no idea what a fun but we're going down a slippery slope if you think I'm gonna walk in in my local post office and start handing out tips if you got another thing coming. The pilots try to follow this. I delivered good burglary and did you get a tip from everybody Christmas never. See I don't like under paper today and maybe 50% of them we'll give you tips. Oh wow. But people don't have got to want to depart when an opponent I do nude David Garrard got a raw deal. Carla hey thanks for your hard work and good luck this season thank you very much that we get a rare written off while Merry Christmas to you Texas seventy to 81 what about it tow truck driver. Funny story about that this lovely man came and rescued me was. His tow truck last year. And you know me I don't carry cash money so I gave him use gift card I said I don't know how much is let all time high is gone but hopefully it'll get you up coffee arsenal once or something while. That's tacky could. Isn't it better that nothing actually I don't think it is better than nothing you'll know something that's here and nothing. Better than nothing.