AUDIO: Heck No Hunny

Wednesday, October 11th

What does your significant other refuse to do for you? 


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We're talking about the things. You refused to do even for your significant other worked at seventy or 81 my husband won't watch movies with me he thinks they're all done in state. She's probably got lifetime on. That would explain it guys aren't gonna watch lifetime. But whenever John watches lifetime movies with me he predicts how the entire movie's gonna go within the first three minutes and he is always right they're very predictable. Ashley said my husband refuses to rub my back full that's just that I'm coming to you that's tragic actually Lola thanks for holding. Okay my hunt then it bothered him that they don't get bumped them. Up well yeah it was. Cold this. We're beyond that your well. And we're not we're not that we're more than that but is now really. My son is a nice high side all the time. Yeah I'm not funny bounce and I I I guess I think. Ali yeah that's that's our thing I like that go you can't bump that mean I know you're not infinitely. I. Colleague and go out and one of those people who really likes to pop temples texted 78 all in all my fiance won't let me pop pays temple when he gets one. Well relationship is better off if that's your biggest complaint about your relationship. You're a friend who lomb. Is to do it to her husband Lyle is that. You know sometimes they explode. Surely you try to distance sometimes the Popper gets shot you oh yeah it can happen.