AUDIO: Hardest Jobs

Monday, August 20th

Who has the hardest job? 

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They surveyed 1000. People and simply asked. What is the hardest. Jobs. They didn't fought define what time that they didn't define what they meant by hard to. It could be physical mental and could be pressure of the hours didn't really can be anything before or give you the results. Let's grab a few more calls here because we don't have a lot of agreement herein are all getting a lot of different interesting viewpoints from text at 72881. Just nowadays it's law enforcement police officers don't have a chance for the attitude of the people out there that's a good point many times policemen are targets not so much around here but in the big cities that sat thanks for holding what is the hardest job. I think it's insurgents are US urged him not home. But I I am an expert on Grey's Anatomy. And it's the amount of pressure on Derek shepherd. And that shell. Of brain surgeon and neurosurgeon writes yeah. You make a mistake on the table on. That's it. Yeah it's not like you're protecting the one hour exactly all right thanks I'm and you made my day a little brighter thank you outlook thank you have a great night due to what is the hardest jobs. Electrician you're always worker went high voltage you have to worry about not only yourself but other people I'm pretty talked something didn't you why you're wrong you're more you're just all brought a light switch rock lawyer comes off. Yeah you're right I mean it's a life and death type jobs aren't thanks for calling what is the hardest jobs. Insulating. Insulated my dad does insulating work and he's gonna crunch they are they allow us. Clock in the morning is a greater degree weather. She is okay well let me give you the results of this thousand person survey. Number five but let me back up because I know you're going to be wondering what about parents whether it's father or mother it did show up in the top ten that number seven number six. Farmer who they get up early and they do hard physical labor number five teacher or childcare worker. Number four social worker or psychologist. Number three doctor or nurse number two who nobody mentioned this and I'm surprised sold jurors. And they're number one. Most difficult job to. Hardest job on according to 1000 people. Police officer or paramedic.