AUDIO: Guys Leaps From Car

Wednesday, July 12th

A guy jumped from a moving car on I-81


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We're talking about this remarkable story about a man this morning on route 81. Apparently he was the passenger arguing with his girlfriend. Apparently. He was so frustrated he literally opened the door and jumped out of a speeding car. At 9:30 in the morning all we can't believe so the police report that claims. The man who hold for a quarter mile is that even possible. A record amount of only 12100 feet and it's it's it's not really that part Garnett at the body aren't great but Brad get about 45 or fifty. Your feet seems far. Yeah these are people who got open some bad bad bad bad Barney. Thing. A person but when you look at it makes it you'll like the rocket that point you like about the global market while born under all right thank you mr. physics. Aren't what do you think of all facts are a mile holes. I know some people out of your pocket before an employee of mines girlfriend jumped out of a car. He was only fifty and he says she she didn't go far off CVB land like herding sheep like meant certain. I love the way everybody's measuring pulse are people rolls. I'll in the human body were already paid thanks for calling. And I hope today Bob like I'm also shocked how many people are leaping out of cars on 81 it's crazy.