AUDIO: Gross Things That Bring Satisfaction

Thursday, October 5th

Jeff and Amanda rank disgusting things that actually bring us satisfaction. 


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Are you ready to get a little gross. I'm always ready to get groves gross an honest I'm major study focusing on gross things we all tend to do according to levels of satisfaction and these are things. Arab gross but. Whether we do them in private are not out we secretly get pleasure from them I have the top three I'm gonna read them often no specific order. I want you to rank that I will do the same thing waiting to be alone so you can pass gas was in the top three. Humor herself. As a male I'm reading your results of a stunning to me out picking an irritating bugger. And watching a black head pomp. All right sorry. Now you rank the most top plenary purse how I think people answer know how you feel. Which which one would you get the most satisfaction out of. It back. Well. There's a thing okay we deliver all honesty here yeah program and so I am going to regret speaking. Yeah. If I have to be honest I guess. I'm waiting to be alone see the troops moved in I'll answer number one what's number two irritating mugger in their tour. Watching a black cat is now I don't even do that and I can do that all right I would rank them this way. Number three for me watching a black head pop I have to admit once and awhile on FaceBook people whose video yes some people get a thrill out of that that doesn't do have Fermi bitten by Loney mesmerized by the size that's coming out of their face. Brain coming up for May number two would be waiting to be alone to pass gas. Why even way and you get the most satisfaction from picking a blogger called up. I was gonna make this dramatic. You know sometimes like you're talking to somebody and you could feel hard and crusty one end well when you exhale you can feel it moving a little UNL a moves a little more. When your prison you're the person having the conversation with that person well you can't wait if if you want without hard crusty one that's slightly dislodged but not all the way dislodged. You can't wait till that person turns around so you can. Yank it out and flippant. Did I say that outlawed because.