AUDIO: Granny Panties

Friday, April 20th

Jeff thinks granny panties are for larger women ... agree or disagree? 


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I don't Juli really had literally granny panties on she's so thin she probably just had full coverage I think is the proper term ally because bin women can't Wear granny panties I don't know hopefully you dismayed that. That I think it's full coverage I would think. Would be the appropriate term don't get all so you don't. Currently there any out a larger woman all listen to her not a look at that what you're say we live instructor and aggressive society. Somebody does that what you're. Granny panties generally are thought of as very large like you hang a mop honest clothes why do you can't see your neighbor's yard. Irons I eat I thought. It exactly right now why I know her. Not reach it further apart. I'm here Paul at seven I won I think most people. Would think of granny panties as being as large as opposed to small full coverage underwear are granny panties thought to be large yes or no 7288 o'clock. Would you like to know what they cares he text clubs absolutely. Seven to 81 gas large like attendance. Up up up up up up up up up up. In my opinion grainy pennies are the old fashioned cot in full coverage. All sizes are just plain no style panty got you. They are for all sizes they are considered the less attractive style that we can all agree on they are large comparison to other styles but the size is relative to the girls size any size girl can Wear granny nanny aren't. This is a regular guy perspective. Triggered not a regular guy Paul I'm not. Pretty canny as could be all sizes I don't envision them to be large but baggy and having elastic around the leg holes and wakes up. He's quite destructive.