AUDIO: Getting Out of Tickets

Tuesday, June 12th

What kinds of excuses did you use to get out of a ticket? 

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We are hearing all different excuses people make when they're pulled over by policemen. Like my digital speedometer is a light is broken so I didn't know how fast I was going. Even though she was doing eighty I think you have a tendency to know your doing 88 when you're going that fast. Don't know does Haiti not really seem that fast anymore. OK I need to eighteen this thirty does the eightieth on the highway doesn't really feel that. Fat ass this is the mother of one with another one cooking in the Alvin half faster you drive me I keep up the traffic all okay it's the old I'm gonna blame it on every other car on the highway and so it's not safe to go to slow. If everyone else is going fast to pop pop up. Up up up up up that's that's a great rationalizations. Officer. I didn't wanna put the others are too risky by slowing down to 65 or some and he was really dangerous is when people see an officers sitting on the I don't like everybody's claiming breaks to. Yeah he's already clocked Q yeah. You have threes gotta you Albert. Let's be fair though it's an instinctive before you know what you just discover your right foot is on the break I play I don't even think of doing it just doesn't feel like it's an insult to the officer that is sitting on the side of the road to do that I happen in the field. When their hidden behind Phillies are rounding a corner that's not even being sporting news. Come on look. Let's be fair or politics and shot. I just texted seven to eighty weddings said. My registration was out of date for six months expired. So I started bawling my eyes now and hyperventilating. And I got out there with a warning up. Should someone else that I told the officer that I was running out of gas and needed to get the gas cease and that's why I was beating that's right I gotta get there before they run out. Oh my god thanks for holding what's happening in your case. Traveling on Christmas is my husband and my two year old daughter was in the back seat her heartbeat and we're on the New York through way and you see Sherlock. We'll go over and I think everybody I couldn't stay in the backseat of their biggest mouths so awful. Cold rolled the window down I. Because you're heading for my mother how angry you know we're lazy. And of course they got stopped and enroll the windows down for the yup third and he said that what you're very mellow bit by a whopping the. That you know I'll get a road even though act. So I pop pop pop keep going keep going. Beyond that that's a special smells.