AUDIO: Fingertips

Wednesday, July 11th

Jeff + Amanda fnd some pretty disturbing things to be funny. 

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Seven a man. Eight point five JRZ. You know the whole thing about cutting off your finger tip ask the rare occasions I buy deli meat I can't get it out of my head there. Might be the tip of somebody's finger is in my baloney your hand out. The flu because that happens and then they're looking all over the Dell this all our. It happened to a friend of mine are some places it's. Interestingly grossing magazine how they show you the thickness of a thin doesn't need before they continue elk. Yeah. It. If I know like I'm not you is would you make of this then. Where the hell. Hell's the rest of your finger. At all I can help pockets. All thought I worked in a deli briefly when I was up at the AMP and somebody lopped off their fingertips. I never went back there again everytime I see those whirring blades all I think it was this thing flying through the air like you could catch them.