AUDIO: Fair Weather

Tuesday, September 19th

Jeff is obsessed with talking about the weather. 


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So every year I complain about this old for troubled Melissa long you gonna hit to endorse this effect I'm going to if you give me a moment. It's going to be proven true again the heat every September I I complained loudly that they always begin the the big share of the Williamsburg fair a week too late I know why they started when they do it's in the charter however every single year we miss the good weather by one week you food and by the time affair rolls around it's freezing or raining remember when we were there last year. Very windy. Very windy and cold very wet we were frozen in about five minutes this week could be in great week for the fair Sul. I predict based on the fact affair starts Saturday that's when the weather will change watch it's going to happen. By the way if you are heading to the blooms berg fare next week we will be there live on Thursday say oh well rained that day. It was so clear and I my very good thanks we will be miserable now speak for yourself. You are miserable last year I'm never miss her I have a console you. I had a bye you hot coffee and hold you never remember we went on a hunt for our. Fresh curly Fries they confine and right there we settled for regular Fries name or not. Now that you didn't pick the right stat only added to larger supplies are. We were cold and wet and Kyle I'd break and curly Fries.