AUDIO: Facebook Theater - Name Calling

Thursday, February 15th

In this edition of Facebook Theater, friends discuss their dislike for being called pet names by strangers. 


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Yeah FaceBook. We're back drama on Jeff's FaceBook news feed comes. Is it really too much to ask for not to be called blood. Towel Plosser chief by people in the retailer food service it's a pet peeve of mine I think it's disrespect. I don't see how it's disrespectful I think fossil all the time hey boss 'cause they go on our thanks boss have a good one I might not know your name so it's better than saying hey you know I always felt. I'm not your boss. I hate when girls in the smaller like 21 and they coming behind me or worse when they call me support played have a ten year old or something my friends and I say bond body broke brother in man to each other all the time it's not disrespectful. It's kind of a common way for people to would golly gee each other. That is amongst friends and has a wall in the this environment it's not appropriate I would not call customer sweetie or say hey dude thanks that's on you that's your view in your opinion who are you to tell me what's appropriate it's actually not on me is this a common thing called basic addict get what is where this proper etiquette. Yes be happy that someone is even nice to you at all. If you are going to commie hunting you might as well call me sweet cheeks in my opinion your other brutal one here have a nice night Han. I say die all the time hey guys what's up guy and won their customer came in he's like. How do you know my name. That's the last time I use guys to. Do know one guy.