AUDIO: Email Wednesday - Parties

Thursday, November 9th

How would you let your friends know you don't want to attend their "parties" anymore?


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Drowned out. JRC. Saw a lot of people are having this problem where you get invited to many of these parties. Usually it's somebody's home where today they have some line of products that they sell. Lot of these are great products it's just people are getting hit with so many invitations when you walk into a store you can just decide on your own without any pressure well when whether you wanna buy something went. When it's your close friend I did this woman she's getting hit up by all her friends and she wants to come up with a nice way to say no her husband is encouraging her to simply ignore them. That's kind of rude to pull a front judging by or text club a seven to anyone that's what most people dale simply ignore now that woman we spoke to a few minutes ago who is a professional multi level marketer she made a lot of sand she said don't. You know don't lead neon like your interest to just tell me because I don't want to bog you if you have zero truth is she said like shall follow up than follow up Brian right so people are just saying I'm ignoring them. Most people just ignore or they go to parties and never buy anything. And eventually they stop getting invited. So long it's become known as a friend who just comes for the rising crackers and a biting a bank can help stop it else is there any wind by the way. Thanks for holding what's your piece of advice. How I would say that you could always just say. I'm not interested this time but I would share on like eight vote each state made it from my friend will be interest that. That's actually very kind of via that's very good. And you're not insulting the meaner and you're not well yeah exactly it's very nice that would I would you know you're blowing them off without really making out like it. Yeah and yes your devious I'd like pat. So. While there are dealt you know I welcome the best answer this is one I'm really happy to be a dude because guys don't get hit up all the time. Like nobody's gonna walk up to a guy and say I'm having a party featuring Embree didn't bags would you like to attend a. They're lovely and not how about some of course they tricks like they know. Call either what time zone tonight brings law. Some anti aging skin cream on top. I'm now I'm no clarity around you thanks OK now I might show off what about scented waxes and burgers to do with you lost me again.