AUDIO: Email Wednesday - Makeup Lessons

Thursday, April 19th

His wife doesn't wear makeup often, but struggles with applying it when she does. He wants to know if it would be a horrible idea to gift her makeup lessons. 


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Three from. Where you can anonymously you tarmac. Massive body into this sounding board for your messed up life. I'm telling you have a husband that road seems like a sweetheart really does his wife has never worn much make up fine as he put it once in awhile she dolls her cell file court unquote for me. Any wrote the thing is she's not the best and applying it it's not that the books bad as he put it it just isn't right he is thinking about gifting her special day. That would include makeup blossoms may be at a spot or something but he says she has very low self esteem. And the last thing he wants to do is make her feel like he's saying that she needs some make up help but he wants to help parks and he's asking is that a bad idea. Denise said that she would love this as a gift and she's not good at applying make up either and says she would not be offended. Also a Texas 7081. Dangerous territory here tread lightly while at the mall you could go into gathered to make ups store and they will give you a tutorial right there on the spot and she's she's had so why not next time you're at the mall walk iso four I say something about how. You'd love to see her using a certain lipstick color and then go from there are that's interest thanks Thelma said I think any woman would appreciate this guests. I would want to know if I wasn't applying makeup crackling. Thanks for holding what do you think. OK so I really like the idea of having him go to Q lake a commercial blonde or a leg of the borrow or something like that I feel like. In a situation like that we're very delicate. Maybe going to like our special people on that specializes in like natural leak up like up beat ya know made eagle cam going married explaining the situation and and then having common acquaintances get up for her already. So she can you like go to the product that they can kind of like a limited release. Do you think they should have done in cook foods with them make up. Artist at a place give them a load out and schedule an appointment for car. Yeah absolutely. Well never hear from this man again Kirk. I don't know what my country and I either one has come straight lower say boy you something like that he didn't really like very interesting. Nonchalant in how they keep watching the obituary. I just put a I totally not only are welcome.