AUDIO: Email Wednesday - Divorce Red Flags

Thursday, June 21st

How many divorces would raise a red flag? 

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Here baby on email away. I'm RC boils down to something the simple she's concerned about her friend who's in her forties a ball to marry a guy who's already been married and divorced three times and she's saying shouldn't this be a red flag she's concerned for her friend so she did the proper things. She wrote to wasp the relationship experts what do you think about office saw three marriage three divorces. I would need more information and like like you got fed what exactly happened if he just like one of those people who Russians been the thing that. Like a year later realizing he made it eight or are is he like the crazy one here. Yeah but he's not gonna tell you that it. If I met somebody and I really. Earlier I connected let them if they weren't married. Bleak time I don't know necessarily that I'd hold that against them because it depends on our relationship I wanted to jump at that like getting. Narrator talking about being married I have months. So your saying at the very least hold your horses yeah otherwise I didn't mention this the guy she's about the married they've only been dating what five months yeah we'll marry him but they're talking marriage and her friend is just concerned. Mariah and said that more than once could raise a red flags for me I don't believe in divorce for myself so I would be wondering why he's gotten divorced so many times it makes me think till death do us part doesn't really oh yeah. Mean much to him innocent delta said I was with my now wife for five years three of which we live together before we got married and still sir was there. Right decision and pop pop pop pop pop up. Up up up up. People are being funny today. Our what do you think. I'm on my second marriage some people do actually jumped into their first because that's what I again. Do you think somebody would be afraid to marry you if you were on your are divorced. Yes athletes yeah. Absolutely it's like even my husband now he was even afraid to to get married on off in his first one. Oh wow okay seminal Texans and I feel like the sky falls in love too easily and is just in love with being in love as soon as soon as the honeymoon period is over. He thinks it's not love anymore and he gets divorce I know people like that and everybody listening now know somebody who cannot be alone the men had a relationship fans. More lax mostly within a week there and a heavy relationship madly in love yeah right oh my god I'm so in long. Be hard to being the friend of that person because you know you need to get to know all of their significant others and because they become obnoxious so little love this time it's really.