AUDIO: Email Wednesday - Borrowing a Toothbrush

Thursday, May 17th

Would be cool with your significant other borrowing your toothbrush in a bind? 

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AR CE. Are the girl who wrote us is busting on her boyfriend should only care fees embarrassed by this in fact she was going to call him and tell him to listen out for they want away for the weekend late at night she discovers you've got to pack a toothbrush Scioscia something else to borrow his and he said no. So she's busting him calling him a press so I don't like the idea at all of sharing a toothbrush I would I even ask somebody frankly I don't wanna use somebody else's. Pamela said this would be a big know it just grows sushi are planning with your partner but to plaque is not one of them thanks for holding. My idea what I wouldn't be and missionary to present that everybody. But there is that chance that if they weren't that desperate effort to perhaps I would use the earth and let that music class. So getting into pressed her I felt the next morning. If you looked at it after your brushed and it had looked like you were just clean growing wind. Love them or white they're that is a problem worry. About I'm may be the they'd just brush their teeth after eating Oreo is all gone. Oh right yeah that's just grossed a Texas seventy anyone no way makes me gag just thinking about it what do you think about this. So if you think about it technically I probably wouldn't share either but to think about it you trust that person and you make out with some all day when they don't have to cheats brushed all the credit too much pressure to share at least its gay and washing in the toothpaste and so probably cleaner. I don't know the science behind that's how hygienic or non hi Janet did is it just kind of Steve's Meola a Texas seventy anyone my three year old daughter brushed with my husband to press this morning right after she ate Captain Crunch when he doesn't know loan hurt hand at least she didn't brush the dog's teeth without a tough.