AUDIO: Email Wednesday

Thursday, April 12th

Is it rude to hit on a woman while she's out running errands? 


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I asked her point blank did you find this guy attractive long that was hitting on her target she feels it's rude to walk up to a woman whose power alone shopping and try to hit honor she said I'll read it word for word I guess he was okay looking obviously not Channing Tatum hot hot. I can't believe no one sees where I'm coming from on this haven't you ever just wanted to be alone in a store shopping so you can get in and out with what you need. Question mark OK city when you put it this way it seems a little more civil than the original emails I have to assume she's pretty hot. Well if you're getting who she sounds like she's hit on all the time well and that. Annoying to be honestly I'm not I'm starting to understand where she's coming from because. I mean once in awhile I guess you could consider a flattering but if it's every time she's running an errand that would be tough. The problem I think when you single out one guy union site oh. Yeah he didn't do anything wrong in my opinion well and some in Texas seven to 81 instead of this lady is the reason why men can't hit on women in public. End unless they're at a bar and drunk way to be an ego buster lady right. And basically you're telling guys to weed are only approach women in a bar war on line. And some of sex and women are not objects for men to appreciate when they're trying to shop. Leave people alone when they're running errands unless they want it's obvious that there NE TU funny women feel uncomfortable when being approached by a stranger but now you're trying to deny human instinct you see somebody attractive and if you are outgoing enough you know you wanna strike up a conversation. If the conversations going well the next natural step is to say hey. Are you single either way someone else Texans at that friends of theirs met at IKEA and now they've been married and they have three kids it's a good thing that he had the nerve to go up to her at the store absolutely. I wonder if they put the furniture they each other laugh. To get other have you ever put together IKEA furniture all it's a nightmare it falls apart eventually I gave you those like fake tools I. Now I'm up at a press like furniture why not have fat ass I don't final thoughts get a man right now sorry Mel why.