AUDIO: Craigslist Theater

Friday, November 10th

You never know what you'll find in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist :) 


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Welcome to Craigslist creator and Jeff and Amanda find the most unusual missed connection dad did great until life. Big body Turkey hill for a three on nine hazel ten man for woman. I always laughed at missed connections now I see why people do this. You are there today eleventh 170. Whether another lady and a baby. You had the most amazing. Apps I couldn't soft looking out. It was so wide in its Kirby and those black pants seriously car wreck curves. What I wouldn't do to get behind that just one time. All right I'd like to dork too cool woman. Looking for a man. Hand over industrial park. We worked in the same factory. I know Steve park a little closer to mean now. I asked Steve about your hammer couple weeks ago as we walked toward the gate. What else is in that toolbox of yours. Real talk. I have some stuff to fix around my house don't worry bills nothing's too hard and I'll bake muffins for you when you're done. They're being. And my whole my whole than Marmol. Yeah. Man is seeking any human and I love mulls. Like them really finishing hayride and juicy. If you're male or female senior covered in moles or please hit me up in particular I have a sexual farce from Mowlds. If you have them near the crotch area. Even better this is not a joke by the way I bisexual. So all you need is a ton of moles on your body and a pulse. He's still look at someone who lenient on what your face looks like. A mole. Bring the sexy. And I'll bring you a nice pay day. Up top. You're. Sadly. We are all you need is a poll and it doesn't matter where your face looks like it's not picky I didn't.