AUDIO: Craigslist Theater

Monday, October 16th

Straight from NEPA's Missed Connections on Craigslist ... this is Craigslist Theater! 


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Welcome to Craig's list creator and Jeff and Amanda find the most than usual mr. connection dad didn't bring until life. Nice feet at twice today male woman mountaintop. I couldn't help but notice she would Weis today you'll the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. During your early forties black hair wearing a black dress with a white flip flops and gold ankle bracelet. Nicest people I've ever seen it. If by chance you read this. I would be very interested in it by teeing it up Arab your worn out socks or shoes from you. I'd pay handsomely. There as an object and do you think you have nice speed and now on top and you shop at Hawaii's. Well you there you go all right next one is an electrician. All woman for mail in hazel ten. You came by this storm is your partner to check out the box and help back that someone plowed their truck and tale. You with a shorter scrap fear one. With a rosary. Here the spitting image of the next of mine definitely might tight. You're Q I feel like a man with a good job this if you're single. I'm a different kind of box for you don't work on. And I think didn't stand sound out. Now laughs I shall. Right now that's obviously a keeper there and he. Cinema 309. Her favorite tunes man for man moved on you're golden. It was dark but I could see you or a little younger than me but how are great body. I wanted to do things to your right there. Well I think we're both nervous it was my first time there so we just sat there quietly. Side by side watching a movie. Taking care of our own needs. I want more. I won't because Kirk. Big big big big maybe he's just really well on their hearts yeah USA. You have never Madden I've never bad. Cut I've met very. Hard to believe remember we were gonna do a bad ones and the loser was gonna have to go wanna watch a movie but then we realized. It's largely now it's all guys in there and and it wouldn't be safe to send you win there. All balled from what I've heard I don't think that illegally spent the city yeah. You would never feel more unwanted in well in your life.