AUDIO: Confused Couple Tries to Conceive

Wednesday, August 29th

A couple was apparently very confused about how to reproduce. 

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This couple could not conceive. After four years of trying so they they finally decided to seek medical attention and you'll see why this has the story has gone around the world not yeah he said everyone was laughing at them well it turns out there was nothing medically wrong with the the one of them. But they were very young and naive and that they were doing it. The wrong way. If you know what I mean. They were doing the wrong way well see the doctor started up hone in on what the problem was when the woman complained about how she was trying and trying but how painful it. Its own now yes. Oh wait yeah you wanna. The doctor had the site cold I'm not a tough hole weighing on all cool that you know that thing women always say no. I was with Hayward I. Yeah I always has come on come on just try it was not gas here is how the doctor explained it to the press. The couple were very young the man 26 on the woman 24 apparently neither of them realize they weren't using the correct path to having a baby. Allow allow now has. That's why everybody was laughing who why now hole. He's I find that very hard to believe but enjoyable all yes well I don't find enjoyable all imagine. You know I mean wow oh my god we learned something up well yeah. Right yeah down. Not a chance.