AUDIO: Coca-Cola Experiment

Thursday, May 10th

Do you think Coca-Cola tastes different from a can, plastic bottle, and glass bottle? Jeff and Amanda had a blindfolded taste test to see if they could taste a difference. 


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Let's reminisce about Coca-Cola and. This is from 1977. And I want to. Everybody seems to notice how after this kind of real song it is a real solid. When Lola Lola slogan wasn't just the real thing. And then make you owe it to the say thing right they used it in a Christmas commercial which became wildly popular and famous. Yesterday was national Coca-Cola today. Today from the coal plant in Pittston came to the rescue when he heard what we wanted to do today and that's determined. If Coca-Cola. In the glass bottle which is how I grew up drinking it does that taste better then coconut canned or Coke in the more popular plastic bottle in my mind in a glass bottle it taste better I think it does too but I'm wondering is it because a sentimental reason I asked everything you do does a child you remembered as a better. Well and I have known as a class against her lips feels fancy new. And so we have all three variations. Amanda you and I have to put our masks on we have people in here to help us there's a blindfolded taste tests are about to happen by the way all three versions of Coca-Cola have a strong in now more or not touching the container it's going to be put up to our miles I can a plastic bottle and a glass bottles are right and you're going to get guys a day one at each time didn't you say the other day you like it in the camp. I said I like it in the cam on. We're only talking about Coke pretty share. We're talking about beverages I'm not entirely sure at this point all right let me put on my masks we use these masks for more things is unbelievable. We do have to show blindfold. All right let's do L plus. Wanted to play some music I can't seem to think 12. Schools aren't in place that's the system lady and all right let me I think I need to turn this way I don't know who like facing right now but. Give me a stronger if you look. That tastes good I don't think that's the bottle now. I'm getting the do we wanna guess but it is I don't think it's the bodily hair I just wonder why don't fight the bottle OK here we got. I'm getting a microphone on him. There we golf. Did the same now no one was. I know now my mind is going to play tricks arguably a very alert want to talk. I've got myself convinced which won the bottle here I was convinced that the First Amendment can't and that. I can't and then I was convinced that there are no we can't know I'm convinced the bottle I'm going for the bottle. I'm an adult model number two bottles number two life I feel strongly. Which one was a lady is. But I was not a jail. Aren't you the. The bottled water great libraries on my dream final OK honestly and I mean it all tasted the same thing I thought they tasted radically different that's the funny thing. Of that is fun and I was convinced that candle was number three. Safe when you're drinking out of a bottle and you think it tastes better it's probably because you remember it as a child Hunsicker nostalgic.