AUDIO: Blue Light Bathrooms

Monday, June 11th

Don't be surprised if you start seeing blue lights in convenience store bathroom. 

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So when I looked at the front page of the paper or as I was walking by I did a double take and had a walked back and grab it what I saw was the inside of a bathroom and it appeared to be a public bathroom lit up and blue light. What this is all followed is apparently Turkey hill is trying an experiment if I didn't realize this was happening but people want. OP Lloyds are going in the public bathrooms like the ones you would find at a at a store like Turkey hill. And shooting up in the air. So you're saying Wausau does blue light. You know detour that the idea is that the blue light. Masks the job the veins on their arm so it's hard for them to know where to shoot and I know. That is so intense it is I don't know without going to war but I applaud them for trying something out of the box. Like yeah whose idea was that I don't know I must be such a problem for them that they had to come up with a solution which is really sad. But I do you know I watched that show lives PDI and any any I know you'll be. And human and frequently sell actually just last weekend they had to break into I'm I got mini mart restroom because the door was locked from the inside and they were afraid that someone had overdosed since I didn't. Well if you are forced to use a gas station type. Bathroom like Turkey hills don't be surprised if the lightning is a little right and don't be deterred us. It doesn't mean they suspect you use drugs just go in the stall and do your thing and considerate mood lighting. It's like being twelve again right did you ever have maybe a little music can be piped in that was the cool thing to do and I was a teenager was have. We'll color. Light bulbs in your lamb yeah room right. And then lava lamps came along and went and then they came back in and now. You can buy this little device you hang on the inside rim of your toilet and it changes the bowl different tolerances alive it's fun.