AUDIO: April the Giraffe

Tuesday, April 18th

Jeff is done hearing about April the Giraffe. 

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What I'm about the same may not be popular but I did not enjoy the childbirth. Of April the giraffe over the weekend you'll also haven't been following April's journey SI have. You didn't enjoy yet here's my thing. I sought Saturday morning when I got out and all I could see was a juror wrath with two legs sticking out of the back Pelosi you must have tuned in around 830 Al sang it in exactly. And I thought almighty god. This is awful I don't want to watch this little do you fall now I think watching your own child being born I can buy that is on the current wanna see that actually I didn't find this beautiful and all. It had two legs sticking out its backside and then I got thinking. This is kind of creepy YouTube realized giving birth is painful yes I do. How would you like it if a million people were watching you okay now tiger sounding like an animal activist I'm not an animal activists let the animal have a little dignity. I am one of the people who enjoy watching April the giraffes pregnancy I. I was cheering her on for the past month and a half and now I'm thrilled for her that she finally gave birth all right when Amanda gets pregnant next time your all invited to the hospital. At. Pick up a collection up up up up.