AUDIO: Amanda's Lottery Confession

Thursday, January 11th

Amanda made a confession about the lottery pool she and Jeff go in on. 


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We're discussing the lottery suddenly Amanda has has a different idea of what well yeah spoke pop up. L a Gizo. We joke that we typically play the powerball or the Mega Millions when it's like. 400000450. No right what it's like a superb big jackpot and because we had one of those about a week could call it got me in the mood to play the lottery week we did play but we didn't win anything of course. So I said isn't there one going down tonight let's why you her. Now it's only forty million. I look suddenly that's not enough for a man Wednesday night his powerball forty million dollar jackpot we just don't normally play when it's. Low like that I think we should see this will be our stealth victory let's do it nobody will see it coming compact will be the only ones playing war. A man hardware end. See I don't wanna play on my own because I would actually feel guilty to fight 11 day I went out bought tickets are my own because we usually do it together earned. I would feel guilty you should. And she's feeling Q would wanna share it anyway and so I figure when I do play now we got to do it together and we don't wanna end up being one of those stories you hear radio. Jason talk about where two people fighting because. They both usually buy tickets and this one time one person didn't go win and now they feel like they should have half the money I gave and I have a confession to make. All know my ride. Go ride in the last time we went in on tickets all my iris mom I really don't mind that you bought extra tickets for your. The up up up up up. But then it hurts BA. Why I feel so cheated and I violent or wrote John and the man dad adopt love and my ex airlines and air hole. Jess and Amanda got another one and you would expect me to believe that if the John and a man no one was suddenly 400 million dollars a pop up a. I'm an honest person. Except for keeping Matt from the Toshiba are your cheat are. It's clear I asked to be the one departure but it had so yes please hold while.