AUDIO: Amanda's Announcement!

Friday, March 9th

Jeff and Amanda had a surprise announcement ... except Jeff thought it was a surprise for everyone. Turns out, it was Amanda's announcement! 


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So here's the situation. We have a major announcement to make. Normally I would know how to or approached us to accept what's different this time is the management has told nobody what the announcement is right honest to god you know we're very honest and tell making meaner best we have no clue. Here's what we're gonna do well see everybody's idea of a big announcement is different I don't know how to prepare myself I may look at it in in my mind take failure. That's nice but man I think I might I might honestly be blown away gaffe so few hear me say all of my god repeatedly. That's me yeah. Now if I really really love it I think it has to be something good so you're probably gonna hear Amanda and I say something like awesome that's that's really awesome. We say you're gonna say all of this but you know were authentic and what we know how to respond now depending on what's in here gotten. Look at this 98 point five. Think major announcement just. A fifth. I have since our music we don't need music okay what we need is this. All right well this guy says major announcement. Actually while Amanda tells the information. I I men. Are you kidding me. And I say our little family is growing all my streak in our I call my. Thought. Was oh my god that's right all my god I said if it was great exciting. I would say awesome huh. Well I. I'd god. I'm excited for you wanna human level you have no idea how hard how many times I've almost pulled DO over the past couple months like every day basically I almost let well isn't this just a kick in the asking me. And they told was pregnant with Beverly yeah you look. You reacted as if I was telling you I was pregnant with your child and you made it all about you and now you're not excited again I'm happy for you on a human level you dread maternity leave I do know the only person can't. Wedeman who dreaded the three days I was away last week yeah I know it is hard it is hard to work alone this temporary well congratulations. And me when he out of date early September that for old the very beginning of September all mind. Guard.