AUDIO: An Al Sharpton Spelling Bee

Tuesday, August 21st


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So in the words. Of my late friend or read the French couldn't show some RE ESP ICT. I will never get tired. Yeah so we're gonna help and Al Sharpton round. Off of basically your good old fashioned non spelling bee Federer verse telling me. Yes so we have Lance and sooty on the line hi guys. All right so what I'm going to do is one might work one that won by word one by one. Read words TU fanatically. They're gonna be spelled. Incorrectly intentionally in a very wrong way in a very wrong way. When you think you know the word based on my misspelling. Shout it out. Okay and there are only three so two out of three will win are you ready. Yes all right let's begin Al Sharpton spelling bee. Fears your first word. Hell they are. Am OK with pass he eat. Family for everything that. I'll land line at the end Lance gets out one pharmacy. To pharmacy but its second Florida. Ask YUK. All one. Michael could well. The art. Facility do you do you need a hearing aids. Aren't. My golf all right lets you Marty want but I want somebody to feel good about herself so you're gonna bite you played the final word by yourself. Hey aren't ready. C high did Phil. Okay. LO. NEU. Yeah. Yeah.