AUDIO: Airline That Doesn't Fly

Tuesday, March 6th

There is now an airline that DOESN'T FLY! 


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So I always admire when somebody comes up with a new business idea. This woman no I think why and I think of that well no I'm not thinking that this time well there's a new airline in Japan that gives you with a full flying experience yet you never leave the ground that's what happens is for 56 dollars you've said in a seat in an aircraft for several hours. Who have you. Each airplane food time you Wear a VR headset virtual reality headset that simulates takeoff and landing but after several hours you haven't gone anywhere you simply sat in your seat in this country our best we would call that American Airlines. Her her but in Japan they're charging you 56 bucks and people signing up to do it that would be disappointing when it was all done is stepped off sincerely I don't don't care how. You know when I heard about this I thought okay this would be great for people who have a fear of flying out of let them experience it or something close to it without actually fly in great program because you know what if you never fly in your life you are missing out on things very important things but the founder of this company said the reason for it is he said for people like me it's difficult to have a trip because of the cost the time in the money if I can easily access the airport and take a flight even though it's a virtual I thought it would be cool now. No it's down it's down IR rather go to the spot get a massage you're gonna be out of business within a year ago. Jobs stupid it's. Ask fires salon has a journey around the world spot experience. I'd rather do that and pretend implying that there would be like going to a spot insane pretend you're. It might. But don't touch me at all I just want the experience no no sorry no stupid sale.