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Manic Marc's PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs

Manic Marc's PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs

The other morning YOUR KRZ Resident Foodie and LIVE with Kelly and Ryan's Grillin'Spiration WINNER was talking about a hard boiled egg recall and why people would even buy premade hard boiled eggs in the first place. So I'm here to share the secrets of Manic Marc's PERFECT Hard Boiled YOU...
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Lissa's Local Live Music Podcast: Zhach Kelsch

Zhach Kelsch (originally from Carbondale) chats with Liss about touring, writing, producing, teaching, and we hear a killer single called "Get My" from his project Ajar!
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Rocky & Lissa


When you ask someone "How do I look?" do you REALLY want to hear THE TRUTH?
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Shrimp Air Fried

Jeff & Amanda VIDEO: How to make Coconut Shrimp in an Air Fryer

Everyone got upset with me when i posted a picture of shrimp I made in a Hot Air Fryer but didn't give the recipe! As promised, here is the simple process. By the way, I cooked the shrimp at 400 degress for 8 minutes.
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Back Mountain Trail

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Rock Got Annoyed by the Nice Weather

Rock was probably the only one annoyed by the nice weather yesterday. Here's why...
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Lissa Blog: Watch Selena Gomez's Dreamy VIDEO For "Rare"!

Selena's title track "Rare" is VERY catchy! And doesn't this video make you want to live in her beautiful fairy land? Video of Selena Gomez - Rare (Official Music Video) Cover image by GETTY IMages/Theo Wargo
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ROCK'S BLOG: Worst Game Show Contestant Ever!

On second thought, maybe she's the BEST game show contestant ever! What do YOU think??? Video of Popeye's favourite food is... Chicken? | Family Feud Canada
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: More TRUE Stories That Sound Like a LIE

Fun thing we did on the show this week: True stories you tell that sound like a lie. Here's a few more outrageous ones.
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ROCK'S BLOG: True Story that Friends Think is a Lie

When I was in college I got pulled over for armed robbery. TRUE STORY! And most people don't believe me. My friends & I were driving around after the bars closed in a white van. A cop pulled up behind us & flashed his lights. We freaked. As we tried hiding the beer in the van he got out of...
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popcorn guy

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Guy Almost Dies Eating Popcorn!!!

You need to hear this! A guy in England almost died eating popcorn!!!
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