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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Replace the Ground Hog with a Robot?

PETA says Punxutawney Phil should be replaced with a robot! Rocky & Lissa & KRZ listeners sound off.
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sb 54

ROCK'S BLOG: Super Bowl Prop Bets

Some of the more unusual Prop Bets for Sunday's Super Bowl 54 in Miami.
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AUDIO: What Not To Bring To Mexico

98.5 KRZ's Jeff Walker has a warning . . . what not to bring to Mexico.
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ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Rock's Annoying New Habit

Rock revealed on the show today that he's developed an annoying new habit. Have you heard him do this on the air?
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AUDIO: Real People's Awards

Tired of these endless celebrity award shows? How about awards that salute us regular people!
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Lissa's Local Live Music Podcast: Gus The Savage & Chris

Gus The Savage, hip hop artist from Taylor, and his producer Chris "CONFIDENCE" chat w Lissa about being original hip hop/pop performers in Northeast PA
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Rocky & Lissa

ROCKY & LISSA: Public Embarrassment

Nick Jonas went viral Sunday night at the Grammy's after he performed with a piece of food stuck in his teeth. Public embarrassment. Ever happen to you?
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Lissa Blog: Lyric Video For Demi Lovato's "Anyone"

Lyric video for "Anyone" by Demi Lovato
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Lissa Blog: Ellen's Touching Words About LIFE. Must Watch!

Ellen Degeneres's inspirational message after the death of Kobe Bryant
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Lissa Blog: Watch The First Episode Of Beeb's Docuseries!

First episode of Justin Bieber's docuseries "Seasons"
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