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ROCK'S VIDEO: Video Conference Call Goes Horribly Wrong!!!

Video of a video conference call that went horribly wrong. Keep this in mind if you are working from home!
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AUDIO: 3 Words Describing Life In Your House

Use 3 three words to describe what life is like in your house right now.
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Musical Notes

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Bloomsburg's Porch Musical

Bloomsburg's Megan Fleetwood created the Worldwide Porch Musical as a way to get her neighbors together singing & dancing and still keeping their social distance.
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Red Cross

ROCK'S BLOG: Blood Shortage-->Your Help is Needed!!!

Due to the Coronavirus there is a serious blood shortage. Please donate blood to the American Red Cross today.
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Lissa's Local Music Podcast: Coronavirus Edition w Madison R

Can't do a podcast if I can't have GUESTS *womp womp*, but here are some local musicians crushing it on social media from quarantine!
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ROCK'S BLOG: Support Scranton Restaurants AND Feed the Needy

Help support Scranton restaurants during the Coronavirus epidemic and feel low income families.
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The Manic Marc Show is Postponed till further notice!

The Manic Marc Show is Postponed till further notice!

The Manic Marc Show has been postponed till further notice due to all this Corona craziness.
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Thumbs Up


What was the GOOD THING that happened to you in the last 24 hours?
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Lissa Blog: Digging Beeb's ACOUSTIC Version Of "Intentions"!

Justin Bieber just released "Intentions" acoustic and I like it even more than the original!
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ROCK'S BLOG: Coronavirus Update Fri March20

The latest on the Coronavirus & it's impact on NEPA for Friday March 20.
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