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A parody from Jeff Walker and The Wackjobs . . . illustrating one of the biggest fears men have in the bedroom.
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AUDIO: Jeff's Coffee Mug

Jeff Walker on 98.5 KRZ revealed he NEVER washes the coffee mug he uses every day.
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Bad Date

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Bad 1st Date Stories

A woman from Massachussetts went on what had to be the WORST FIRST DATE EVER! She picked up her date at his parents house & he had her drop him off at a he could rob it! Rocky & Lissa listeners came pretty close to topping this bad first date.
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AUDIO: Sunsets in Space

Jeff and Amanda, afternoons on 98.5 KRZ, talk space and time in space.
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AUDIO: Valentine Spending

Jeff and Amanda, afternoons on 98.5 KRZ, talk Valentine's Day spending.
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AUDIO: Ways Our Parents Saved Money

Jeff and Amanda, Afternoons on 98.5 KRZ, talk about the ways their parents saved money when they were kids.
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Sneaking Food

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Do You Stash Food from Your Family?

Most couples admit to "cheating" on their partners with food. 55% actually stash food from their family. Are you a food stasher?
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AUDIO: Airplane Panic Attack

Jeff and Amanda on 98.5 KRZ and an airplane panic attack
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AUDIO: Broom Challenge

Jeff and Amanda, afternoons on 98.5 KRZ talk about the Broom Challenge.
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AUDIO: Facebook Theater - Public Restrooms

Jeff and Amanda afternoons on 98.5 KRZ present Facebook Theater.
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