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Lissa Blog: ICYMI Harry Styles Wowed The Today Show Crowd!

Harry Styles ROCKED on The Today Show! Watch...
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Jennifer Lopez

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Reading SB Halftime Show Complaints

Rocky & Lissa read some of the more entertaining of the over 1300 complaints sent into the FCC about this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring Jennifer Lopez & Shakira.
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Rockstar Teacher Mrs. Shingler

ROCKY & LISSA VIDEO: Rockstar Teacher Mrs. Shingler

98.5 KRZ's Rocky & Lissa surprise their February Rockstar Teacher winner...Mrs. Shingler, English teacher at Lakeland Jr/Sr High School.
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VIDEO: Jeff Tries Cottage Cheese For The First Time

We found another common food Jeff has gone his entire life without trying . . . COTTAGE CHEESE!
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AUDIO: Facebook Theater - Toilet Seats

Jeff and Amanda, afternoons on 98.5 KRZ, present Facebook Theater
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Lissa's Local Live Music Podcast: Jermaine Kroon

Rapper/hip hop artist Jermaine Kroon from Hazleton chats with Liss about getting his start in Queens, opening for artists like DMX and ICP, his songwriting & influences, and his many talented NEPA collaborators.
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Rocky & Lissa

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Cheezy Celeb Endorsements

We've all seen them. TV commercials with cheezy pitches from celebs. Rocky & Lissa tried searching for the cheeziest!
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Good News

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Making a Difference in a Janitor's Life

An elementary school in Germantown, Tennessee went above & beyond to make a difference in a janitor's life. It's this week's Good News story on 98.5 KRZ.
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Lissa Blog: Playing Andy Gavins on Friday w Jackson - Come!

Me & Jax jammin' tunes 9-midnight Friday night at Andy Gavins in Scranton!
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Lissa Blog: Watch The Kobe Memorial Music Performances - WOW

Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera honor the memory of Kobe Bryant through music
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