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I first walked into a radio studio as a Freshman in college & except for a brief period where I was trying to start a “real” career (FYI: I trained as a tour guide in Charleston, SC) haven’t left.  The hours totally suck, but I can’t think of ANYTHING I’d rather be doing.  Remember goofing around w/ your friends in 5th grade?  I get paid for it! 


When I’m not on the radio, you can find me riding my Trek bike (#ShareTheRoad), sampling craft beer, eating sushi with my wife Sue, keeping an eye on our 4 “kids” Alvin, Cairo, Bailey & Dave or binging on Netflix. 


I also like to spread the word about 2 of my favorite local organizations, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter (#AdoptDontShop #RescuesRock) and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Bridge (#GiveBack). And I can’t THANK YOU enough for sharing your mornings with us on 98.5 KRZ!

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