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Melissa “Lissa” Krahnke is a radio DJ/musician, originally from Michigan. She first got recruited into radio after a program director saw her perform with her rock band. Lissa moved to Scranton in 2010 to do the morning show with Rocky and she loves Northeast PA. Her favorite part about radio is being able to help the community. Lissa does extensive charity work with The Red Cross, local soup kitchens, and through her church. She continues to perform music (piano & vocals) and also enjoys running, hanging with her niece & nephew, concertgoing, and nature hikes.


A lot of people don’t know that Lissa grew up in a very small town with only five kids in her elementary class. She can still milk a cow and was named “Queen Of Hay Days” in her hometown’s teen pageant that celebrated the end of haying season. Since moving to the “big city” Lissa has learned to cook and often hosts food, wine, & game nights for her friends. She enjoys cultural elements like theater/art galleries/museums but is still fiercely practical thanks to her Midwestern roots. She brags about getting good deals at Salvation Army and always greets strangers with a smile. Join the over 9,000 people following her daily jokes & musings on facebook a and find her easily on Instagram/Twitter under Melissa Krahnke.​​

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