Jeff Walker

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Jeff Walker is the MOST recognizable voice in Northeast PA. Hosting your drive home on KRZ since 1980, you never know what's going to fly out of his mouth or who he's going to call "touchy" and offend. Jeff is committed to making your afternoon a fun mix of silly, informative, entertaining, and kind of crazy. The conversation on this show is the kind of stuff you're thinking, but often don't say out loud. Perpetually single, Jeff puts the GAL in galavanting and loves spending a lot of his free time with his beautiful goddaughters, working out, enjoying fine cigars, trying new restaurants around NEPA, hunting down his favorite hard-to-find underwear (no joke) and DJ'ing weddings and events. He has embraced social media, but refuses to use the incredible technology that is the DVR and insists on watching all television in real time. Jeff admits to being THAT GUY who parks in Expectant Mother parking at Wegmans and has no shame about it.

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