ROCKY & LISSA VIDEO: Owen's Lemonade Stand

Way to go Owen!

July 1, 2017

Owen is the 8 yr old from Tunkhannock that you may have seen all over Facebook last week.  He opened a lemonade stand last weekend to raise money for an area family that lost everything in a fire.  Someone stole the $50 Owen collected.  Local & State police and the community came together to quadrupel the money Owen raised.  And Saturday, Owen was at it again, selling lemonade to benefit the Seymore family.

Owen & his Mom have been getting calls from all over the country after his video went viral on Facebook.  Owen told me he'd rather more of the attention be given to the Seymore family.  What an awesome kid!

I was thirsty on Saturday, so I took a ride to Tunkhannock to visit Owen & his lemonade stand which served, as Owen put it "Pink or normal lemonade." 

And here's one more saying from young Owen:  "Good conquers evil!"  It certainly does Owen.