ROCK'S BLOG: You Looked Cool in Your 20's...

September 6, 2018

Yesterday we compiled a list of the Things That Are Cool in Your 20's That Aren't So Cool in Your 40's.

*Halter tops or tube tops

*Going to the bar every night

*Taking sassy/slutty selfies either by yourself or with friends. Desperate when a 40 year old is doing it

*Staying up all hours of the night and going to work like you had 8 hours of sleep. Cool and easy in your 20s not so much when your 40

*When moms walk around their kid's Jr football games/practices wearing shorts that are swallowed by by their "private areas"

 *Animal print clothing

*Hitting on 20-something girls at the bar. Ok when you're in your 20s not in your 40s.

*Getting drunk till u puke

*Staying Home & playing video games all day

*Wearing pants so low your underwear is exposed

*Cool in your 20's to crash on your friend's futon to sleep it off.  In your 40's?  Not so much