ROCK'S BLOG: Womb Playlist

March 15, 2019

Medical professionals say babies begin developing ears during the 2nd month of pregnancy.  And after 18 weeks the fetus may become able to hear. I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

Friday morning we asked for your Womb Playlist.  What jam did your unborn baby react to in the womb?


Anything with a ton of percussion... Imagine Dragons was big. We also saw Stomp while I was pregnant and she danced around the entire time.

My daughter would go crazy in there every time Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar we’re going down”’came on. 13 years later and they are one of her favorite bands

Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars and he is 2 now and will stop dead in his tracks when he hears either

I’m almost 33 weeks and Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime and The Clash’s Train in Vain seem to get baby boy bouncing -- Proud Mama- he has excellent taste

Anything Nirvana.. and he hated Tom Petty!

Rock. Godsmack, Disturbed, Metallica, Manson

Panic at the Disco.  She still dances to them.

Pour Some Sugar on Me. When I was pregnant with my oldest son (now 17) and that song came on he would kick like crazy until the song ended

My son used to move in the womb to 2 chainz "birthday song"

I always listened to you guys while pregnant and now she loves everything

My middle daughter who is now 12 loves listening to Frank Zappa. her dad is a big fan of him and when I was pregnant we would listen to it and she has loved him ever since. Her friends think she's crazy LOL

I listen to Metallica the whole time I was pregnant and now my daughter can't get enough of it she's going to be 21 this year

My son is three now and LOVED Bob Marley when I was pregnant, still does now too!

With my son I played ava Maria and Johnny cash he would kick up a storm

My son loved when I played ...Dmx x gonna give it to ya and to this day we play it everytime he gets ready to go out and play a football game cause his name is exavier it gets him pumped

My favorite band is Green Day so they were constantly playing. My 16-year-old is now obsessed with Green Day and his 10-year-old sister is also a fan

I felt my daughters first kicks during a drum solo at an Aerosmith concert. To this day she loves 80s rock

My oldest daughter loved. Thunderstruck. Ac/DC. She is still a fan today!